Robert Milligan Society

The Robert Milligan Society honors those who have included the college in their estate plans. When Dr. Josephus Hopwood, founder of Milligan College, named the college for his lifelong friend, Robert Milligan of Kentucky, he said of him, “He is the purest and best man I know.” As one of the outstanding educators of his day, Milligan’s life was chiefly occupied with teaching. He was president of several institutions as well as an ordained minister of the Christian Church. Several of his writings in the area of religion are reference texts to this day. Everything that Milligan was—scholar, teacher, and Christian gentleman—Hopwood hoped for his students. It was for this reason that the school was given the name “Milligan College” in 1881.

If you would like more information on including Milligan College in your estate plan or wish to be listed as a Robert Milligan Society member, please contact Jack Simpson, 423.461.8955.