Endowment Levels

Endowed funds will enable Milligan to assist deserving students with adequate scholarship assistance, attract and retain the best faculty, develop new programs that strengthen the curriculum, and properly maintain campus facilities, all while keeping the cost to students manageable.

Foundational endowments
These pooled endowment funds have been created to advance purposes that are key to the college’s success. They do not allow for the establishment of individual criteria for awarding. Naming opportunities begin at the $5,000 level.

Christian Leaders Scholarship Fund: To educate Christian leaders for the church and society

Appalachian Scholarship Fund: To educate the next generation of leaders in the Appalachian region

Athletic Scholarship Fund: To educate scholar-athletes and advance Milligan athletic programs

Alumni Scholarship Fund: To multiply the impact of endowment funds given by alumni of the college for the benefit of students with financial need

Funds established by written endowment agreement
The following are examples of endowments that allow donors to set the specific criteria for awarding. Because these funds are endowed, the original gift amounts are never spent. The gift is invested, allowing the college to utilize the earnings to support faculty and students in perpetuity. Endowed gifts of this nature are perhaps the greatest way to leave an impact on Milligan, the students we serve, and the world they go on to serve.

Individual Named Scholarship Endowments:
$25,000. A gift at this level allows the donor to specify the criteria under which the scholarship will be awarded annually. An endowment at this level would provide about $1,200 per year toward the cost of a student’s education.

Program Endowments: $15,000 and up. Gifts of this nature provide funding to cover the cost of special programs, library acquisitions, faculty development, etc.

Lectureship Endowments: $50,000 and up. Lectureships provide funding to bring in renowned speakers who will bring insight and inspiration to our student body.

Excellency in Teaching Award: $250,000. These funds would support a portion of the salary of a Milligan professor.

Full Scholarship:
$500,000. A gift of this level would be sufficient to provide one full tuition scholarship each year in perpetuity.

Honors Scholarship:
$600,000. A gift of this level would provide funding to cover the full cost of tuition, room, and board for one student each year.

Professorships: $500,000. Professorships provide funding to cover a portion of the salary for one of our professors.

Faculty Chair: $1,000,000. Faculty Chairs are permanently funded positions that are highly sought-out by highly qualified educators. A gift of this level would provide about $50,000 per year to cover the cost of salary and benefits for a top-flight educator.

Faculty Chair of Distinction: $2,000,000. A gift of this level would enable Milligan to attract and retain a nationally recognized expert to teach our students. In addition to funding the faculty member's salary and benefits, this gift would also provide funds for that faculty member’s significant research activities.

Honors Scholarship Program: $2,500,000. This gift provides funding sufficient to award a four-year, full-ride scholarship to one student in each class. This prestigious scholarship would ensure funding to allow the most qualified students to attend—regardless of their financial situation.

Area of Excellence: $5,000,000. A gift of this level would provide funds to support the salaries, research, and scholarship of an entire Milligan department.